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After what feels like years of waiting, we’ll finally be able to get our hands on Spider-Man PS4 at the end of this week. In this Spider-Man PS4 everything we know guide, we’ll be putting together all the information you need to know about the upcoming superhero game, including the final Spider-Man PS4 release date, as well as when you can expect to read our very own Spider-Man PS4 review. There’s also a complete list of the Spider-Man PS4 suits that we’ve seen to date, a list of the various Spider-Man PS4 characters we’ve seen in action, as well as certain slices of Spider-Man PS4 gameplay, from E3 and other events.

Spider-Man on PS4 might be the hot new game right now, but don’t forget about the golden days of Spider-Man 2. We recently published a full retrospective on the game, featuring interviews with developers who worked on the game at Treyarch. For all that and more, head over to our Spider-Man 2 retrospective.

Spider-Man PS4 Release Date

As was revealed by Game Informer in July, the final release date for Spider-Man PS4 is September 7. Thankfully this is a Friday, so we can get kitted out in our Spider-suits and roam around Manhattan for a full weekend, before we have to return to adult life on Monday. Sigh.

Spider-Man PS4 Review

No, reviews aren’t out yet for Spider-Man on the PS4, but they will be soon. As nearly everyone who’s been playing the game early has revealed on Twitter, we can expect reviews for Marvel’s Spider-Man to go live on Tuesday, September 4, which is well under a week away.

Spider-Man PS4 Story Trailer

Just below, you can check out the story trailer for Spider-Man that was released at San Diego Comic-Con 2018. The trailer shows off Mary Jane (now a reporter for the Daily Bugle) as a second playable character, Silver Sable, as well as a brief glimpse at Spidey’s classic suit.

Playing as M.J. is a pretty exciting thought, as it brings a whole new aspect to the overall game. Sure, slinging around New York City via webs is fun, but it’d also be great to duck out of this, and get a more grounded take on the events of Spider-Man on PS4 from Mary Jane’s perspective.

Spider-Man PS4 Miles Morales Teaser

Just below, you can check out the ‘launch trailer’ for Spider-Man, released on August 13 by Sony. The most interesting detail in this trailer is how big a role Miles Morales has. There’s definitely some teasing by Insomniac that the character could have a big role to play in the game. Could Miles be donning his very own Spider-suit? We’ll have to wait and see to find out.

Spider-Man PS4 Suits

The superheroes suit is everything, and it turns out there might be 25 suits in total for Spider-Man on the PS4, if our recent hands-on was anything to go by. “There looks to be a total of 25 different costumes to unlock. Most of them were blacked out in my demo, but the new outfits that did appear include the aforementioned Spider-Man Noir, Secret War, the Scarlet Spider (classic hoodie version), Spider-Armor Mark II, the Spider-Man: Homecoming suit, and that film’s home-made costume. One outfit also carried the distinct silhouette of Spider-Man 2099’s costume”, wrote our Mike Williams.

So far, the confirmed Spider-Man suits are:

  • Classic suit.
  • Advanced suit.
  • Spider-Punk.
  • Iron Spider.
  • Velocity suit.
  • Spider-Man Noir suit.
  • Steve Ditko-inspired suit.
  • Secret War suit.
  • Scarlet Spider suit.
  • Spider-Armor Mark II.
  • Spider-Man 2099.

Recently, the Superior Spider-Man suit was included in the list above. However this was an error, and at the time of writing Sony hasn’t revealed the Superior Spider-Man suit to be part of the upcoming game.

Spider-Man PS4 Hands-On Preview Impressions

We got to play Spider-Man on the PS4 for ourselves for the first time back at E3 2018, and our main impressions was that while the web-slinging feels great, the camera unfortunately doesn’t. Peter Parker moves so quickly while in the spider suit that it’s actually hard for the camera to keep up with his movements. There’s also ‘slow-mo’ sections of the game, which although give you more time to react to enemy attacks, it also makes it harder to properly get into the flow of the game.

Later on in August, we got another chance to experience Spider-Man on the PS4. We got to play the first few hours of Insomniac’s game, experiencing life in Peter’s cramped apartment, seeing him listening to his police radio first thing in the morning for anything going down around town. We ultimately came away pretty impressed with the story and world-building over the course of the first few hours of the superhero spectacle.

Spider-Man PS4 Gameplay

Sony took to the stage during their E3 2018 press conference in June and showed off a brand new gameplay trailer for Spider-Man. It showed our titular hero intervening in a breakout at The Raft prison. There were a ton of villains involved, including Electro, Scorpion, Rhino, Vulture, Mister Negative and another mystery character teased at the end.

It looks as though the Sinister Six will be the main team of villains going up against Spider-Man in the game. But who could the mystery sixth member of the team be? If you listen very closely to the noise they make at the conclusion of the video, our money is on Venom, villain from the infamous Spider-Man 3.

After going hands on with Spider-Man at E3 2018, Polygon had some interesting analysis of the game map. “Spider-Man’s world captures the idea of New York rather than the actual place”, Chris Plante writes. The city basically functions as a clean version of 1970’s New York, with realistic recreations of inconic buildings like the Empire State Building, Chinatown, and Manhattan Bridge.

Spider-Man PS4 Gameplay Demo

We knew Spider-Man PS4 would be appearing at Sony’s E3 2017 presentation, so it was no surprise when the web-slinger rounded out the presentation. You can see the trailer for yourself just below, and we’ve rounded up some highlights from the footage further down.

  • Spider-Man looks to be taking cues from the combat of the Batman: Arkham series, with counters being essential when fighting off opponents in arenas.
  • Wilson Fisk has been confirmed to feature in the game, as we see Peter Parker saving all of Fisk’s men in order to get information from him.
  • There are plenty of quick time events in the Spider-Man footage we saw, as the character saved a helicopter and a crane from crashing into citizens below.
  • Peter Parker might be out protagonist, but Miles Morales can be glimpsed briefly at the very end of the footage.
  • A 2018 release window has been given to the game, contradicting a recent statement from Marvel vice president Ryan Penagos that Spider-Man would be releasing this year.

In an interview with PlayStation Trophies, Spider-Man community director James Stevenson revealed that Miles Morales will have a “much bigger role than just a cameo”, after the character was briefly glimpsed at the end of the E3 2017 gameplay demo at Sony’s presentation.

More story details have emerged from the interview, including the fact that the Peter Parker in Spider-Man is 23 years old, and has been saving the people of New York City for almost 10 years. Norman Osborn (aka. the Green Goblin) is running for mayor of NYC, while Martin Li, the enemy of the E3 2017 demo, is the boss at Aunt May’s workplace.

Spider-Man PS4 was announced in a trailer during Sony’s E3 2016 conference. Insomniac, developers of Ratchet & Clank, Resistance, and Sunset Overdrive, was revealed as the developer of the game, while New York City was also shown in all its glory during the minute-long trailer.

Spider-Man got the Digital Foundry analysis in the video just below, where John and Dave spoke at length about how the game impressed on the PS4 Pro at E3 2017. Spider-Man will be using the same technology at Ratchet & Clank to simulate true 4K, and although the game supports full HDR, it won’t be running at native 4K on the PS4 Pro.

The game generally has a very “soft and smooth” image, and uses motion blur seamlessly, giving Spider-Man a general pre-rendered CGI look to it. New York City itself is also very impressive, as shadows are clear and defined, while there’s very little pop-in from distant buildings around the city skyline.

Spider-Man PS4 DLC

As of right now, we know that three DLC packs are coming for Spider-Man PS4 after launch. The first of these, called ‘The Heist’, features Black Cat, releases on October 23, and you can see the debut trailer for it just below.

Outside of this first DLC pack, there will be two additional expansions arriving in November and December. The November expansion is called ‘Turf War’, while the latter in December is titled ‘Silver Lining.’ As of right now, we don’t yet know what content will be featured in either of these two latter expansions.

This is a complete roundup of the latest information surrounding Spider-Man PS4 at this point in time. As we mentioned previously, we’ll be keeping this up to date with all the latest information from both Sony and Insomniac.


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