Google One v1.1.207289594 : APK for Android

Google One is a simple plan for expanded storage that includes extra benefits to help you get more out of Google.

You can use the Google One app to:
• Manage your storage plan, which covers Google Drive, Gmail and original quality photos and videos in Google Photos.
• Contact our team of experts with just one tap. If you need help with Google products and services, our team is here for you.
• Access member benefits like Google Play credit and special hotel pricing.
• Share your plan with up to 5 family members, giving everyone more storage plus access to extra benefits..

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A few months ago, Google announced Google One, its new subscription program for getting more Google Drive storage and other perks. Over the course of the last few weeks, Google slowly rolled existing Drive subscribers over to a Google One membership and starting today, new users (at least in the U.S., with other countries coming soon) can now sign up for a One subscription, too.

Google One plans start at 100 GB for $1.99. There’s also a 200 GB tier for $2.99 and a 2 TB option for $9.99. If you need even more storage space, Google will happily sell you 10 TB, 20 TB and 30 TB plans for between $99.99 and $299.99 per month.

One nice feature of these new plans is that you can share your storage allotment with up to five family members.

While storage is the main feature here, Google also promises additional perks. The most important of these may be access to live 24/7 support. These Google experts at the other end of the line will help you with figuring out any question you may have about a Google product.

Another perk here is that you get deals on hotels when you search for them in Google Maps. Recently, Google also gave all One members credits on Google Play and the company today said that it’ll soon offer members deals for purchases in the Google Store and through Google Express, too.

It’s worth noting that One is very much a consumer product. For businesses, Google’s G Suite remains the way to get additional service and features.

For now, Google One is only available in the U.S., but it’ll roll out to more countries soon.

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